The telecommunications industry has leaped to the new age whereby everything and anything can be done virtually. This transformation has the industry bustling with heightened competition, advanced technologies and mobility which in turn enhances the needs of your clients. SAKS comes to your aid with customized solutions that enable you to concentrate on your core business, intuitively.

SAKS solutions range depending on the industry, and with excellent trained staff that have a neutral accent that can be trained to suit your requirement.

The SAKS advantage

Our Contact Center agents are well trained and have pleasing personalities which resonates through their voice. They are available to work for any geography, around the clock and have the capability and experience to understand most foreign accents.

SAKS maintains high service standards for all hires. We headhunt for talent, screen them prior to indepth discussions which helps us identify the best talent for the job.

The staff undergo a comprehensive induction and the training that helps them to understand the SAKS culture and work ethics.

Case studies