The Client :

An Australian company that develops and markets networking software. Its customer base spans many industries and many geographies.

The Challenge :

The client has been growing fast over the last few years and has been acquiring clients at an increasing rate due to strong marketing efforts. This has made accounts receivable a challenge due to the subscription based model the client follows. Hence the client was in need of a dedicated team to manage the accounts receivable process and ensure timely cash collection, through systematic process of sending out renewal notification and reminders.

Key Features of SAKS Solution :

– Two member team trained for a short period on site working together with the onshore Finance Manager to better understand the process as well as the clients objectives
– Two member team consisted of one senior member who was able to overlook the process and suggest improvements as well as understand process faster
– Timely and accurate generation of renewal notifications, invoices and processing of purchase orders and customer payments
– Improving efficiency through better use of templates
– Constant feedback with the Finance Manager to ensure any unclear areas are tackled early
– Data management and analysis was also provided as additional help for the client.

Benefits Delivered :

– Efficiency and timeliness of delivery
– Trained staff that could provide back ups as well
– Processing done with minimum involvement from client

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