The Client :

A leading Australian investment management company who is keen to make investments in entities in computer software and technology industry. The company employs an active management approach by working with and incentivizing management to successfully grow the businesses organically and via strategic acquisitions.

The Challenge :

Identifying a suitable business venture to which the company can invest in order to help them evolve to the next stage. The client needed unbiased view point on potential targets since the targeted company needs to meet the set requirements to be suitable for investment.

Scope :

The client satisfied with SAKS’s capacity to carry out the assignment after a thorough selection process. The assignment was handed to SAKS entrusting,

  • Conduct investigative research to identify potential investment targets.
  • Gather deep insights of potential targeted entities.
  • Generate further analysis reports on selected target entities.

Key Features of SAKS Solution :

The Data Base –

To provide a comprehensive solution for the client’s requirement, it was decided to build up a Data Base, consisting all potential entities which met the required criteria.
In order to assist the client make a better choice, the Data Base was designed facilitating numerous search features.
By search features the client was enabled to go through vast amount of data easily. And it aided the client to compare and analyse one targeted entity with another individual entity or with the mass under various conditions.

Further Analysis Reports –

SAKS designed inclusive Further Analysis Reports for the client, focused on providing further details regarding the entities the client chose from the Data Base.
The Further Analysis Reports consists of important details such as origins of the entity, detailed description of the product or products they are providing, key management details, details of close competitors, etc.

Benefits Delivered :

SAKS helped the client by providing a comprehensive database consisting of possible investment targets to select precise entities after conducting necessary comparisons and analysis. Following are some of the benefits SAKS provided,

  • Data Base consists of approximately 200 possible investment entities, which met required criteria, to select from.
  • To mitigate the possible intimidation by selecting a vague entity to invest in, SAKS provided company analysis reports containing in-depth insights of the entities filtered from the database.

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