The Client

A leading global head hunting firm servicing the financial services industry with offices in Singapore and London.

The Challenge

The head-hunting firm has a very large portfolio they assist their clients, shape their talent agenda by recruiting the right talent. The size of the portfolio made it a challenging proposition for the head hunting firm to source out all the relevant profiles. The client thus needed an independent researcher to augment the research with high quality output.

The client chose SAKS after a rigorous selection process, and entrusted SAKS with a mandate to –

1. Conduct investigative research.
2. Gather insights on entities from respective reports and job descriptions.

Features of SAKS solution

1. Included the client in the selection of the offshore research team as the client was very particular about the skill sets required
2. Shared the cost of the training with the client, who visited SAKS office in Colombo to carry out a one to one training for the team
3. Practice sessions and feedback sessions were scheduled with the client
4. Increased level of communication with the client mainly through Skype

SAKS designed a comprehensive model that covered more than 20 titles under various aspects of banks including financial, management, business, legal and regulatory compliance and overall governance factors. The model was reviewed every week to validate its points and information. And updated when SAKS got any new details. In addition, SAKS designed a new Spread Sheet to help the client prioritize banks and titles based on the experience.

Benefits Delivered

SAKS’s solution helped the client organization with deeper insights hereby strengthening the client’s head hunting strategy. Some of the benefits are mentioned below –

1. Number of candidate’s profiles improved and that helped the client to stay strong in the market.
2. Among a base of over 75 major banks that had strong investment banking, corporate banking, private banking and financial institutions sourced and mapped best matching candidates for every single role.

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