A US based HR consultancy firm, a Fortune 500 company with offices across the US.


The client was faced with two major challenges: one, the lack of structured and standardized operation environment that made timely delivery of research products, unfeasible and not scalable; and the second, inability of onshore analysts to focus on deeper analysis and front-end activities to procure additional business, a result of concentrating on back-end work only.


Structured process

1. Coming up with a standardized process to enhance the consistency and scalability of the research process, which includes standard templates, documentation, training and quality control process.
2. Trained and scalable workforce with flexibility to work according to client deadlines e.g. weekends and non US times.
3. Consistent research process which increased the reliability of the source data which in turn resulted in greater accuracy in the analysis.

Company analysis

1. Prepare reports on the compensation of executives and board of directors in order for companies to better structure their compensation packages.
2. Perform appraisals of pay structures among peer companies.
3. Update data on publication of new company results.
4. Prepare the output sheets and assumption sheets for data collected for easier tracking of research methodology applied by SAKS


SAKS helped the client organization to increase customer base at a rapid rate while sharpening focus, and learning to anticipate client needs early on and to go above and beyond meeting those expectations whenever possible.

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